Going Deeper… (Psalm 32)

Here are some questions based on last Sunday’s sermon text (Psalm 32), in case they’re helpful to you for personal growth or group discussion…

  • [1-2] Here are some biblical beatitudes. (Can you think of others elsewhere in the Scriptures?) Such beatitudes as revealed by God are always surprising, overturning our common expectations about what it means to be “blessed.” How do these beatitudes differ from how you might instinctively proclaim yourself to be “blessed”? When you say, “I am so blessed because…,” how does the rest of that sentence compare/contrast to biblical beatitudes like this one?
  • [3-4] Why does God press you and call you to confess your sin to him? Why do you resist and keep silent? (Think of specific sins you have been reluctant to confess.) Do you find yourself sometimes refusing to confess, even though you might know that he will assure you of his forgiveness? Do you think you will not actually be forgiven, even though God reveals himself everywhere in Scripture to be a forgiving God, even though Jesus has died for your forgiveness once and for all? (You’re free to confess that sin of unbelief, too!)
  • [5] David doesn’t say he groveled and begged for forgiveness. He merely says he acknowledged and confessed his sin. He said, “This is what I did,” left it at that, and immediately received the assurance of God’s forgiveness. Do you think you need to do more in order to sense God’s forgiveness? If so, why? Why is it hard to believe that your fellowship with God could be restored immediately after acknowledging a sin you just committed?
  • [6-7] To be called “godly” here (or “righteous,” “upright in heart” in v. 11) is a due to our free justification by God’s grace—having been declared or counted righteous in Christ, even though we continue to need to confess our sin in prayer, continue to need sanctification (which is an obvious need in light of this Psalm). Do you ever worry that, since you are not fully sanctified, you must not be truly justified? That your reconciled relationship with God is put in jeopardy whenever you have sin you need to confess? Can you believe that every single sinner justified by faith in Christ has been imperfectly sanctified in this life, and was truly justified nevertheless?
  • [8-11] God’s instruction is ultimately joy-inspiring. He wants to keep you near him. He wants you to know that his steadfast love surrounds you. That’s all. Is this hard for you to believe or remember? Why might that problem really be a problem of your mule-like stubbornness? Are you encouraged to know that your stubbornness won’t stop him from bringing you to a place where you confess your sin and thus know him to be the forgiving God that he is? Why don’t you pray that he help you with your stubbornness problem?