Going Deeper… (John 9:8-12)

Here are some questions based on last Sunday’s sermon text (John 9:8-12), in case they’re helpful to you for personal growth or group discussion…

  • [11] (Read John 9—yes, all of it!) The man healed from lifelong blindness bore simple, faithful witness to Jesus’ work. Our rehearsing the Gospel story is part of the story God is telling. He calls his people to be his witnesses (Isa. 43:10; Acts 1:8), to echo what we have heard and seen in Jesus Christ, like this blind man did. Has a personal encounter with Jesus impacted you in such a way that you’re interested in talking about it with others? How do you feel about bearing witness to Christ? How “should” you feel, do you think?
  • Is the blind man a “successful” evangelist? How do you define “success” in evangelism? What if your faithful testimony to Christ does not result in a positive response from others?
  • [12] If someone asks you a question about something spiritual, about the Gospel, and you don’t have a good answer, how do you respond? Why?