Going Deeper… (John 6:35-59)

Here are some questions based on last Sunday’s sermon text (John 6:35-59), in case they’re helpful to you for personal growth or group discussion…

  • [39-40, 44, 54] Jesus repeatedly assures us of God’s good intention with his promise to raise us up on the last day if we come to him. What is “the last day” that Jesus is talking about? What’s going to happen? Is it something you look forward to? How do you feel about that day, and why? How does it seem Jesus would like you to feel about that day? What do Jesus’ assurances tell us about God?
  • [40, 47, 54, 56] Jesus repeatedly talks about eternal life as something we can know we have now, if we’ll simply take his word for it. Do you perceive and enjoy eternal life as a present, ongoing, relational reality with God? Is it “practical”? What does that mean?
  • Jesus repeatedly (too many times to list!) talks about our eating and drinking his flesh and blood. He means the constant use of the imagination of faith to adopt his humanity in relationship to God as our own, to live vicariously in him, to believe that everything true of him is true of us as a magnificent gift. When was the last time you applied some aspect of the life of Christ to your own life and spiritual relationship with God? Do you see his life as actually applicable (relevant, practical) to every area of your life? How would his life in relationship with God help you with things like suffering, peer pressure, lust, boredom, or materialism?