Going Deeper… (John 14:12-24)

Here are some questions based on last Sunday’s sermon text (John 14:12-24), in case they’re helpful to you for personal growth or group discussion…

  • [12-17] (Read also Luke 11:9-13) What kind of prayer is Jesus promising to answer here? Have you prayed like this? Does he really answer this prayer? Can you always understand how he is answering this prayer?
  • [15, 21, 23] Jesus uses terms of personal-relational responsiveness to God when he speaks of our love and obedience. What does it mean, then, when you don’t keep his commandments? In other words, what is “sin,” really? Do you sin? (Why is it hard to admit that?)
  • What does it mean when you conceive of “being a good person” in ways that have nothing to do with your relationship to God in Christ? Are you actually keeping his commandments when you strive to do good “for its own sake” or to relieve your conscience? What are some motives for being a good person that you detect in your own life? Does the Gospel have anything to say about motives like these?
  • [18-20] The Spirit’s coming means the mutual indwelling of the Father and Son (divine love) is the new reality of our lives. Are you intimately familiar with this love (v. 20)? How can the God of love manifest himself and multiply his love through you? Getting back to verses 12-14, have you prayed that this might happen?