Going Deeper… (John 12:27-36)

Here are some questions based on last Sunday’s sermon text (John 12:27-36), in case they’re helpful to you for personal growth or group discussion…

  • [27] How does this verse reveal that Jesus’ humanity is like ours? How does it reveal that Jesus’ humanity is unlike ours?
  • [28a] “Father, glorify your name.” Jesus must pray this prayer before it can become our prayer. What does this prayer mean? What does it mean that Jesus is the one who (uniquely) prays this prayer? What does it mean that he prays it at a time like this? How can we prayer this prayer after him, with him?
  • [28b-30] The Gospels record an audible voice from heaven only three times: at Jesus’ baptism, transfiguration, and now in response to his prayer. Why is this prayer such a significant event in Jesus’ life—ranking with his baptism and transfiguration—that the Father would make a public response like this? Do you expect audible responses to your prayers? Why can we be glad that the Father responded this way to Jesus? Does God respond to our prayers? How can we know?
  • [31-36] The complete selflessness of Jesus (and therefore God) does not make sense to selfish people. Why not? What is the nature of the crowd’s reservations about what Jesus is saying? How does Jesus address this difficulty? How does he say selfish people can begin to connect with the true, selfless love of God? Have you connected with it? How would you help others connect with it?